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Ultions Key Control

key control

So, you are wanting to upgrade your locks to 3* cylinders to combat lock snapping. Once you have the locks fitted you’re all set right? nothing more you can do to protect the security of your home now, right? Wrong!!

With the Ultion lock by Brisant you also have another layer of security featured that protects the key from compromise. Key Control. Once Precision Locksmiths Sheffield have installed your new Diamond standard cylinder locks you have the option to activate key control and all you have to do is register your Ultion online with the unique code embossed on your new key.

When your new lock has been installed by your locksmith, you will be able to register for Key Control at the same time as registering for your free 10 year £1,000 guarantee against lock snapping. All you have to do is visit the ‘register my Ultion’ website follow the instructions and input the number embossed on your new key and register it to an email address and a password. Brisant will never ask for your address, so the database doesn’t store information that could enable others to get new keys and burgle your home.

Ultion keys can’t be cut like normal keys. Locksmiths need a code to create the right key. The information needed to cut a new key is encoded on the Brisant website. To decode it, licensed Ultion Key Centres need the number embossed on the original Ultion key, and the homeowner’s password.

The homeowner gets an email to tell them that the Key Centre has been given the information to duplicate their key. So homeowners know exactly who is duplicating their key and when. Homeowners are asked to change their password every time the information has been decoded.

Changing Locks To Your Property

When and Why You Should Change The Locks To Your Property

There are a number of reasons why you should consider changing the locks on your property.

  • Just moved in to a new property
  • Lost/misplaced a key
  • Recent break in attempt
  • House mate/ex-partner moving out

It is always advisable that when you move into a new property, whether it be rented or owned that you change the locks. It is quite possible that the locks on your new property have been there for several years and there could be numerous keys out there that will operate your locks. Not to say that this will always lead to unauthorised use of your locks but countless contractors could have been in possession of keys to your property whilst it has been brought up to a standard to rent out or sell. It is also possible that old cleaners or babysitters for the old occupiers may have keys in their possession. On several occasions as a locksmith in Sheffield I have had to attend numerous properties where access has been made and the main suspect has been shady previous tenants.

If you have lost or misplaced a key it is also advisable to change your locks. Lost keys could easily fall into the hands of someone dishonest. You are especially at risk if you have lost them outside but within your property boundary, for example dropped when getting into the car on your drive. It is quite common for people to leave keys in the lock after locking up and leaving home for the day and it may surprise you to realise how many sets if these keys are no longer in the lock upon your return, resulting in a break in later down the line.

Even when keys are misplaced it would always be advisable to have your locks changed. Were they misplaced or has someone taken them temporarily to have copies made? Several brands of high security locks now offer key protection which will prohibit unauthorised keys cutting, so this issue could  be avoided in future if you upgrade your locks.

If you have had a recent break in or break in attempt the would be burglar will now know exactly what locks you have and could return with the required tools that they know will get them entry. If a burglar has unfortunately succeeded in breaking in to your home are you certain that they haven’t found and taken any spare keys to your home (possibly even ones you forgot you had). A burglar will assume you have insurance and will be expecting that everything they have previously stolen will be replaced with brand new things making it easy pickings for them to return and gain entry with a stolen key.

One of the most common reasons I get called out to change locks is breakdown of relationships. Ex partners may feel that they have a right to enter their old home but as long as you are the sole rightful owner or legal tenant of the property then this is not the case and to prevent unlawful entry and give peace of mind locks should be changed. The same issue can also arise from ex roommates.

Whatever the need or reason to change your locks at home, doing so will give you the peace of mind that you and persons authorised by you will be the only people able to access your property by way of discreet and non-destructive entry. If you feel that you should be changing your locks get in touch with Precision Locksmiths Sheffield today.