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Burglary Prevention

Many burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves. An open window or unlocked door is the only invitation a thief needs and in a couple of minutes they can be walking off with your valuable possessions, even the keys to your car. Burglars will always pick the easiest target with the best chance of getting away undetected. There is however simple measures you can take to greatly reduce being the next victim of crime.

One thing that I always tell my customers is that a lock is only as good as the door it is fitted to. External wooden doors should be at least 1 inch thick and solid, try to avoid having a panelled door or one with single glazed glass. Soft and rotten door frames need to be replaced and all locking devices should be attached with screws of a suitable length. Also ensure that locks are to British Standard and Secured by Design, 5 lever mortise on wooden doors and anti-snap cylinders on uPVC doors, this will ensure that your locks are able to withstand common attack methods and not be compromised by the elements, this is also a requirement of insurance companies.

One of the most vulnerable points of access is patio doors as they can easily be removed from their tracks. Additional security bolts can be fitted at minimal cost. An even more cost effective security measure is to place something like a cut down broom handle on the sliding tracks, reaching from the edge of the frame to the back end of the door, this will prevent the door from been forced open from the outside.

Apart from having adequate locking points careful consideration should be given to the outside of your property. Avoid having over grown hedges or other plants around windows and doors as these provide perfect hiding places for thieves. Also ensure that sheds and other out buildings are locked and any tools and ladders aren’t on show. Security lighting also proves an excellent deterrent.

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